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A place to buy bones.

I sell finished articulations, mounted pieces, pickled specimens, jewelry, accessories,
and antiques.

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Nat Di Resta:

If you have questions about purchasing from the The Bone Factory, you can send me an e-mail here: misschewmark@aol.com.
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Dear Followers:

Thank you so much for following this blog & the store.
I know I haven’t been able to make a lot of things for you all recently, but I do intend on getting back to it as soon as I’m able. The reason for this intermission is lack of time, funds, and most of all that I’ve been moving around a lot. In the past year I’ve:
-gotten married
-moved to another country (and then again within that country)
-changed universities (and plan on doing it again in the Fall)
So please bare with me!
Once I’m settled and back into a routine, I will get right back to it.
And I will be adding antiques to the blog and store. :)

Anonymous : So do you think the method of either boiling or using dermestid beetles on the bones before the peroxide bath unnecessary?

You should never boil bones. It weakens the bones and makes them slightly transparent and is seen as very amateur, especially if you’re planning on selling them. Bad quality. Beetles are great and I’ve used them, though it’s easier and more efficient for me to just use the peroxide.

Anonymous : Would you care to share how you go about cleaning and preparing the bones of the animals you find?

I’ve answered this before, but it’s a pretty simple process. I put on some gloves and get whatever bones I want from the animal using a machete. Since most of the animals I find are roadkill, it’s very rare that the whole animal will be able to be salvaged, so I just pull out whatever I want to use. Then I wash off the access that’s around the bones with a water hose. Then I place the bones in a peroxide bath for a couple days. Doing this not only cleans off any extra fat and blood and whatnot, but it also whitens the bones. 

Example: The spine here before peroxide: http://bone-factory.tumblr.com/post/20208284299/bones-pre-cleaning

And After: http://bone-factory.tumblr.com/post/21914339283/new-clean-skull-and-spine

Keep in mind that if it is a part like a spine, the hydrogen peroxide will deteriorate any tendons keeping the vertebras together, so it will be in pieces after you take it out and will need putting back together.

Hope this answered your question. :) 

I really wish I didn’t have school and work getting in the way so I could just do this full time. I’d have a great collection and make lots of things.

atlityam : rad. general price ranges?

In the $30s.

atlityam : do you have anything in the works?

Currently working on some tooth rings and snake fang necklaces. :)

Anonymous : Update when you get more (the earrings) They are lovely!

I definitely will!